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      There are many moving pieces to a comprehensive financial plan, and we understand that it may overwhelm some people. Our first priority in each meeting is to take the time to educate you about investing and long-term planning so that you are can make the best possible choices for your family's future.

      Many of our clients have come to us with minimal knowledge and zero experience with investing. Perhaps you are young, or are recently divorced, or just inherited money or property from a loved one. We're willing to work with you from square one. Whether you're brand new to investing or you're seeking a second opinion on your portfolio, providing you with financial education is always at the top of our to-do list.

      The benefit of being in this business for so many years is the range of experiences that clients have brought to the table for us to work through. No matter what situation you're facing, we will use the knowledge we've gained through other clients If we don't have an immediate answer for you, chances are we can connect you with somebody who can.

The Power of Affiliation

      We are a branch office of LPL Financial, which is the largest independent broker/dealer in the nation*. This means that while we maintain our own business name of Vaught & Associates Financial Services, we are representatives of LPL and have access to their vast resources and research, helping us to better serve our clients.

      LPL Financial is a publicly traded company under ticker symbol LPLA. The firm's mission is rooted in the belief that objective financial guidance is a fundamental need for everyone. LPL does not offer proprietary investment products or engage in investment banking activities; this means advisors affiliated with LPL are not pressured or influenced by LPL to sell its products. As a result, we grant our clients access to thousands of investments from hundreds of companies--that's the benefit of being an "independent" financial advisor. Many of the articles and resources found on this website were created by LPL's dedicated research teams to you find solutions to meet your needs. For more information about LPL Financial, please visit www.LPL.com.

*As reported by Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2019, based on total revenue.

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