Value Proposition

The Value

The Vaught and Associates Financial Services team brings value to our clients by examining what is in the best interest of each individual client and what is most suitable for their unique individual or family financial goals. We as a team can proudly say we work diligently to put our clients’ interests before our own. My own father, mother, stepmother and other family members have given me the replicable model of an honest and strong work ethic with the foundation of a strong faith. I have employed that work ethic extensively in financial services for over 30 years. I bring that 30 plus years of experience to my clients from personal life situations. That experience also comes from what I have learned through working closely with many clients as they have dealt with detailed financial and family decisions over the years. Sometimes they have been life changing events. There are usually different pieces to the puzzle of your financial well-being. I strive to continue to develop my listening skills to assist you with your life puzzle. My business is about you.

Why LPL Financial

In 2009, Vaught and Associates chose LPL Financial as our broker/dealer to run all business through for our clients. While not a household name, LPL is one of the nation’s leading financial services companies. What that means to you is that we are not being told what we must sell to you or are limited in what level of services we can provide to you. LPL has been in business for over 50 years.

Five Things We Promise Our Clients

Vaught and Associates promises to continually work to focus on five areas that we have found important to our clients over the years. Our first commitment is EDUCATION. It is important for you to make an educated financial decision from whatever level of understanding you bring to the table. Our clients have been educated through illustrations on a white board as well as from materials provided by the many different companies that we can represent. From those who have never dealt with financial decisions, to the most educated client—we can help you better understand your investments. That does not mean that clients must know everything about the financial process.

Our second promise is exceptional SERVICE. We have a team that works to provide a detailed level of service. Everyone defines that differently; so we encourage our clients to let us know their specific needs, and we are usually able to address their requests. The next step in acknowledging their satisfaction is that they often refer family members and friends to our firm.

The third promise is our transparent PRICE model. Prices in the industry vary for these services. Clients often ask if we are like attorneys and charge by the hour for our consultation. We do not. Clients are charged when we make investments for your portfolio. We have no hidden fees. Not only do we disclose them, we will discuss the details through the process.

Our fourth promise is to help you uncover YOUR GOALS for your future. Are you planning for or already living in retirement? Are you looking for ways to pay for part or all of your children’s or grandchildren’s college or their future? Have you just lost a spouse or parent and are now dealing with settling their estate? Are you saving for a house in a few years? We use the resources LPL Financial can provide as well as the tools companies we work with make available to assist you in meeting your goals with these life events. We also subscribe to specialized services that help in your planning and projections for those goals. We are committed to helping you work toward your financial aspirations. Therefore, as part of your goal setting, we will help with the “What If’s”. These are sometimes the day to day financial decisions you make on major purchases or determining what is a suitable use of your money. These decisions can be difficult. Because of the personal and client experiences of our team, we can suggest different viewpoints. But when you are making these kinds of decisions or investment choices, it is always your decision to make, utilizing as much input as you decide.

Finally, we promise to help you make TIME to plan to pursue your financial aspirations. We will help you get “around to” your financial decisions. We have found that because of sometimes being uncomfortable with investments and which ones to choose, coupled with a busy life style, often people do not get around to their financial matters. We are always working to assist you in making those educated decisions.

Personal Experience

Those are the five things we promise and work with our clients to manage. As we start this new website, I would like to discuss where some of my experience comes from if you are interested. If you have more questions, please ask. I am an open book because I have seen how life happens to people in different ways. I have always had the view of what can I learn from those past decisions and avoid the same decision in the future.

Over the years, I worked for different companies in the financial industry, and was compensated either by a salary or a commission or a combination of both and was heavily supported by those companies with strategic direction. I performed well and usually excelled beyond the expectations of the company. I even had one large employer who consolidated and changed both names and management four times during my eight-year tenure, but retained me as one of their lead representatives. Some companies compensated better than others. However, when I went into the financial consultant side of the business ten years ago, I was on my own. I was building my own business. This was especially the case from a financial standpoint. I was on my own to support my family and grow the business. I invested our personal savings and retirement to make the transition to this position. I came to LPL Financial after the recession of 2008 toward the end of 2009. I had used most of my funds to keep things going.

Then, it was a matter of stretching the family dollars I contributed to the business as far as we could.

In 2010, we missed one year of paying some of our taxes trying to stretch the dollars, and then delayed paying taxes for another year and then another. So, for example, when I encourage my clients to withhold taxes from their retirement distributions, it comes from personal experience. In the beginning of 2015, we sat down with the IRS and started to work through catching up state and federal back-taxes. This was not an easy process, was time consuming, and could be emotionally draining at times. Finally, in June of 2017, two years after the start of the entire process, we settled on a payment plan to repay all the funds owed plus interest on a federal tax lien to the government. In the meantime, we have paid the state all past amounts owed and met our quarterly estimated federal and state tax obligations since 2015. My family has been there with full support, trust and love, and so have my clients. I appreciate their understanding, loyalty, and friendship through every day of doing business with us.

As I said above, if you have more questions, please ask, I am an open book.

What This Means to YOU

These personal experiences, while not perfect, coupled with my passion to help people improve their lives, have allowed me to better empathize with and understand how to help my clients pursue their individual and family goals. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about me or my business.

I also express that passion, energy and ever-developing deep faith in God by participating in various volunteer positions at Woodlake United Methodist Church since moving to this area over 23 years ago, Brandermill Rotary Club, the Rotary District 7600, and as an Eagle Scout Advisor for over 15 years.

Come experience that passion to help guide you and your family towards a strong financial future.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Don R. Vaught, President

Vaught & Associates Financial Services, LLC